Every. Last. Detail.

With experience that spans the entire project lifecycle, our team is focussed on every detail of every project. Perhaps that's why we've become trusted partners with some of the UK's most prestigious owners, occupiers and investors in property.

+ Approach

We work with some of the UK’s leading commercial developers, landlords and real estate funds, local authorities, tenants and high net worth individuals.

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Our experience spans the project lifecycle

Through feasibility, acquisition, design, construction, handover, ongoing management and disposal. We are dedicated to providing a service that exceeds the expectations of both our clients and the other professionals we interface with.

Every project is ultimately unique

We actively seek to offer our clients and their projects the service they require, not just the service considered typical to our role. As an independent company Radcliffes knows the success of our clients and supply partners is intrinsically linked.

+ Teamwork

The business is built around a team with a range of specialist knowledge and collective experience allowing us to lead projects and work closely with the client and professional team.

Independent + Proud

Radcliffes is an independent firm owned by the founding directors. We are proud that the business has grown as much from working with existing clients as it has from new relationships often through recommendation. We continuously invest in our team and technical infrastructure to support the business ensuring we are at the forefront of project delivery.

Open + Transparent

We consider communication paramount and work with our clients, professional teams, contractors and project stakeholders with an open and transparent approach. We believe that problems can be avoided and resolved by proactive communication to identify and resolve project specific challenges.

Standards +

It is essential that the quality of service delivered by Radcliffes is maintained at a consistently high standard. Working to develop our staff and giving them the tools to do this is vital.

Our teams targets and objectives revolve around our clients success, our employees achievements and their own professional development. Keeping our team at the forefront of the industry by both understanding engineering and technical solutions as well as market trends and requirements gives us the confidence that we can provide a best in class service.

Our Core Principles

Create Value for Others

Our clients success directly fuels our own and so too does the success of every business we work with on a project. By looking to create value for our clients and supply partners as opposed to being focused inwardly. This gives Radcliffes an alternate perspective and motivation.

Outwardly Develop Collective Knowledge

No team can be successful without aligning complementary skills and experience. We share what we learn externally and by helping others we improve how we work together. This intent is the driver behind the Radcliffes Training Exchange.

Flexibility to Evolve

To operate successfully in a constantly evolving industry and marketplace Radcliffes is committed to developing and refining its core services as part of its own evolution. Conceived as a full construction consultancy, Radcliffes is not static in its form and capabilities, and embraces positive technological, environmental and social change impact across our industry.

Motivate Performance and Best Outcomes

We recognise that to drive collective performance across projects, personal and professional development must be promoted and achievements recognised.

Partner with Employees

To ensure that everyone at Radcliffes can thrive, contribute to the business and uphold the core principals it is vital that Radcliffes and its employees hold a shared vision, shared values and have complementary capabilities. These are the fundamental aspects of any successful collaborative partnership.

Develop People

Every individual has strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these is important both to the individual and to Radcliffes. Strengths can be developed and applied, weaknesses supported and targeted for improvement.

Our investment in people is not limited to typical training or education. An equal emphasis on exposure to relevant projects, team members, mentors and business activities is critical to a rounded development.


+ Training

While actively developing other business employees may seem a strange objective we are committed to it. Outwardly developing collective knowledge is one of the Radcliffes core principles. Sharing what we learn is vital to improve what we do.

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The key to productive collaboration is understanding your role and that of every team member. Understanding what team members need from us and showing them what we need in return allows us to improve our output and working practice to ultimately provide better value for our clients and projects.

The Training Exchange was set up by Radcliffes in 2020 to bring together supply chain partners, clients and contractors. It provides a framework through which staff members from each contributing organisation can visit another discipline and improve their understanding of that role.