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Radcliffes provide project services tailored to best suit the specific requirements of each project.


Project Management & Consultancy

As experienced Project Managers, we offer a bespoke approach for the delivery of every project.

We take a central role to lead our projects from the outset, we do not simply oversee a process. We know that the detail is where the difference is made and pride ourselves on taking care to absorb critical information through the progression of each stage. Effective communication of information from the outset ensures we can save time, reduce risk and increase value.


Employers Agent/
Contract Administrator

Administering the terms of a building contract is critical to a successful project and can too easily be looked upon as a box ticking process.

Ensuring that the contract is correctly serviced and maintained is essential to protect the best interests of the project and is central to its successful delivery. This is typically, but not exclusively undertaken alongside Project Management.


Programme and
Risk Management

Our experience in the production, development and management of detailed, structured programmes allows project risks to be identified, assessed and subsequently mitigated.

Developing a detailed programme which covers the key project milestones and links the critical path throughout the project lifecycle is a fundamental tool for the project team. A detailed programme will assist in identifying the key activities having a significant impact on the project and the ability to deliver it within the targeted dates

Risk Management tools are either included as part of the Project Management services or a stand alone activity. These are live management tools which can be implemented at any or all stages of a project and are invaluable in appropriately mitigating risks.


Feasibility Studies

A detailed and effective appraisal of options is imperative to informing operational strategy.

We provide services that can assist with decisions to acquire, dispose, develop or retain property assets. This often requires input from a network of specialists who we can identify to suit specific parameters.


Project Management Plus

Our experience of the development process allows us to provide Investment and Asset managers with a more involved management service.

Including the strategic development direction, meeting the day to day property and development obligations, negotiation of legal agreements with third parties and the ongoing management and maintenance of the property.


Applied Real Estate Technologies

Smart buildings are often discussed but rarely completely understood.

Smart buildings are often discussed but rarely completely understood.

The multitude of options and new technologies available can prove difficult to navigate.

Our experience and knowledge ensure we are able to offer impartial, pragmatic advice to clients helping them realise their aspirations to capitalize on market-leading solutions effectively.


BIM & Information Management

Specialising in tailor-made strategies to ensure the best possible value is achieved using BIM, digital delivery and information management.

Every project no matter the size, complexity and phase benefits from a digital delivery and operations strategy.

Simplifying the often overwhelming options to the necessities with our plain language questions approach ensures clarity for all parties involved.

Full lifecycle strategies focus on creating a collaborative approach for all stakeholders from the initial information capture, through the design offer and the future users of the building.

Linking the information assets to smart technologies forms part of the comprehensive strategies included in our Applied Real Estate Technologies approaches.


Facilities Management

An integrated approach from construction to operational phases ensures we can preserve and enhance asset values by maintaining buildings to the highest standards.

Our specialist team work closely with the development team, principal and sub-contractors to maintain technical building services and oversee occupant services and contracts. This streamlined approach allows an efficient transition on completion of construction works, mitigation of risk and reduced operational expenditure.


Pre-acquisition Advice,
Due Diligence and
Project Monitoring

An essential role when considering a major acquisition, financing or decision making on investment opportunity, we can help to minimise risk through identifying critical factors.

We provide objective advice to inform the decision-making process and where acting as monitor, continue to report and communicate effectively with project teams.