From Inception
to Completion

Our process ensures that our experience in construction allows us to not only deliver our clients vision but more importantly exceed their expectations.


Strategy Formation

Establish the client aspiration and how the design and construction process can be harnessed to deliver in the best interest of the client.

The development of a bespoke project strategy document focussing on the key principals, deliverables, opportunities and challenges establishes a clear baseline for the project.

Once the strategy is developed clarity is given to the team required.

The assembly of an optimal team is key to any project. Radcliffes are connected throughout the industry to top Designers, specialist Consultants, Engineers and Contractors with varying capabilities to deliver construction projects of differing complexity. We are proud to have built strong relationships across the industry and seek to work with team members who share our drive, goals and pride as market leaders in the exemplary delivery of construction projects.


Briefing & Feasibility

A definitive brief ensures a clear foundation for the Client and Project Team to engage with the project. This often transitions into a detailed feasibility study to explore the optionality for the project.

The brief seeks to bring together the ambition of the project identifying the scope and parameters while contextualising the requirements. Spending sufficient time developing the brief mitigates wasted effort once the team start developing their design.

Once the brief has been established, we will often conduct a detailed feasibility exercise, designed to prevent moving forward before optioneering has been carefully considered, the team combine their resource and expertise to explore the opportunities to be appraised. The output should provide sufficient detail to assist in the decision making process for the project to move to the next stage.


Project Definition
& Concept Design

Focus on a clear and considered project structure, collaborating within the team and refining the implementation plan to ensure the proposals are developed in line with the clients brief.

The successful integration of the design team in the early stages ensures the concept design stage starts with maximum effect. Throughout the concept stage we actively engage with the design team and encourage technical design appraisal, advising on the evolving intent and supplementing the team with additional expertise. This ensures the concept is developed as a co-ordinated output incorporating early risk identification and mitigation.


Detailed Design &
Procurement Strategy

Radcliffes have a deep understanding of the construction industry and the market from which construction services are purchased. How construction services are bought will be the overarching factor in determining the success of a project.

As the detailed design is progressed the procurement strategy is finalised to reflect the most suitable approach to secure the construction works from an ever changing market place. We target the key Client drivers to ensure the appropriate approach is taken in purchasing the full package of works. A bespoke strategy is developed for every project, with all team members collaborating in the development of the strategy. All works packages are reviewed, analysed and agreed design parameters set from which the contracting market will price against.

The balance of design responsibility between the design team and contractors is an integral element of the strategy. We ensure the design is developed in sufficient detail pre-contract to facilitate accurate pricing while not developing elements too far allowing input from the contracting parties and specialist trades. This provides experience and advice in relation to buildability, efficiency and construction techniques, all essential elements to successful project delivery.


Technical Design

Buildability is core to Radcliffes teams knowledge, feeding this into the design process will ensure efficiencies are achieved and will lead to time and monetary savings.

Throughout the technical design stage, a series of review workshops are held to facilitate design co-ordination. The process can lead to further design development to be carried out ahead of the tender event as well as targeting risk items to be designed out. The team will constantly look for efficiencies to bring into the design which may reduce cost and timing associated with the final design and construction processes.



We monitor the works fastidiously. What has been designed is what we ensure is delivered.

The construction stage requires varying levels of input from the Radcliffes team. Whether we are responsible for administering the contract or managing the construction works in isolation, we remain closely involved with the various team members including the design team, contracting entities from main contractors and their supply chain whilst ensuring the client is kept abreast of the works progression.

We constantly review the elements which may affect the project progress and evaluate the risk profile of the onsite activities as well as factors away from site. Our approach is to create a collaborative team ethos in order to deliver the project in the interests of all parties to the contract as well as those supporting its delivery.


Project Completion &
Client Handover

Delivery above expectation is what our whole strategy and management process is focused on achieving.

The successful handover of a project to a client is the culmination of a significant team collaboration. We focus on the final stage to make sure the completed asset being handed over is as designed and the necessary training, management procedures and documentation is in place.