Hamilton Terrace

This residential project is located on Hamilton Terrace within the St John’s Wood Conservation Area of The City of Westminster. The property was acquired to serve as a family home following a basement extension and comprehensive refurbishment works.

Our Role

Radcliffes acted as Project Manager & Contract Administrator for the development and were engaged at the earliest stage. Radcliffes was instrumental in the assembly of the project team and the planning process ahead of procurement and the project delivery stages.

Our Impact

''Maximising the potential of prime residential properties for demanding end users.''

The clients programme requirements on this scheme meant Radcliffes needed to develop an accelerated process which carried little room for error. The pace of the project required precise execution and challenged every member of the team including the client.

Running multiple aspects of the programme in parallel created risks which needed to be carefully managed and considered. Decisions and sacrifices were made to shortcut typical processes in favour of programme. Each of these being considered and carefully reviewed with the client to ensure a measured approach with checks and balances throughout. Simple yet effective steps were taken at an early stage to accelerate activities of the party wall and other third party processes. A comprehensive competitive tender process was completed to coincide with the determination of planning. All minimising time to site post determination.

''Maximising the potential of prime residential properties for demanding end users.''

0 sq ft
Basement extension
0 months
From project team instruction to start on site

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